2020 Stonehaven Half Marathon - Event Cancelled

Due to ongoing social restrictions in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, it is with great regret that today we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Stonehaven Half Marathon that was due to take place on Sunday 5th July.   


All those who have entered are entitled to a full refund of their entry fee. 


Charity donations made at the time of entry to our nominated charity (Friends of the Neonatal Unit) and which total £ 216 are being passed to the charity.  The organising committee will make a top up donation to increase this donation to £800.   We are also making additional donations totalling £200 that will be spread across the local voluntary organisations that traditionally help us at our water stations.


We will e-mail through Entry Central all entrants to ask if they would like to roll-over their 2020 entry into the 2021 Stonehaven Half Marathon in lieu of a refund.  Our 2021 event is planned to take place on Sunday 4th July 2021.   Those who do not reply to this e-mail by 21th April 2020 requesting a rollover, will be automatically refunded their entry fee in full.  


All refunds will be made as a direct transfer into the account from which the original entry fee was paid and should be received around the end of April.


Cancelling this year’s half marathon has been a very difficult decision for the committee to make.  Though July 2020 is still three months away, we rely on a number of important stakeholders and permits to be in place in order to run our event.   If continued restrictions mean that we cannot secure these permits, or if any one of our key stakeholders are unable to support us, we risk a late cancellation.  That is a consequence that is not good for our event, for our entrants and for the many wonderful organisations that support us.


We have considered a deferral of a shorter period, but the weekend calendar of Autumn events is already quite full with other great North East running festivals.  We believe it is better not to compete in a fuller schedule but to prepare for our usual date of the first weekend in July the following year.  


We look forward to our 2021 event with great enthusiasm, as we hope you will too, and we wish all of our entrants, supporters, friends, together with all their loved ones, a very safe 2020.   


If anyone would like to make additional donations to our nominated charity they can do so at https://archie.org/friends-of-the-neonatal-unit/donate/

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