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Prize Presentation

Presentation of prizes for the Half Marathon will be made at 1.00pm outside the McRobert Pavilion and will cover the following categories: (Note: Runners can win only one prize)


  • 1st 3 Males

  • 1st Local Male

  • 1st Male 40-49 yrs

  • 1st Male 50-59 yrs

  • 1st Male 60+ yrs

  • 1st 3 Females

  • 1st Local Female

  • 1st Female 40-49 yrs

  • 1st Female 50-59 yrs

  • 1st Female 60+ yr


  • Oldest Finisher

Team Prize

There will be a team prize for for the first 4 runners who entered under the same name or club name will count. This can be a mix of male and female athletes. Please note: There will be a team prize available for 2020.

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