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Stonehaven Half Marathon 2021

We wanted to update you on our current planning and ideas for a possible race in 2021. We would love for the 2021 event to go ahead but as you will appreciate, a lot of this will depend on the Government restrictions that are in place during spring 2021.


The Stonehaven Half Marathon committee were debating the following options and we would like to gather your feedback on these points. The proposed date is 4th July 2021 and should we still face restrictions in terms of athlete numbers, which of the following options would you prefer most? 

  • The normal Stonehaven Half Marathon with a reduced number of athletes taking part?

  • Different route starting outside of Stonehaven with a reduced number of athletes?

  • Shorter distance race most likely a 10km with a reduced number of athletes?

We would be grateful if you can share your feedback with us by completing the short form below:

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