• Our race is mostly “Open Road” and you will be sharing the route with cars and pedestrians. The route is signposted but please be aware at all times of traffic risk

  • Please run on the LEFT HAND SIDE leaving town and in the county until returning the Cemetery water stop when runners will be directed to run on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of roads to the finish.

  • Do not cut corners in the country roads out of town. Stay to the left side.

  • Main junctions in town will have marshals but there will be one or two quieter junctions that will not have a marshal present. Be aware that cars may be approaching.

  • The crossing of Kirkton Road is will be traffic managed by a third party agency FirstClass.

  • Runners must not wear headphones (this is as a result of changes to Scottish Athletics rules).

Our Half Marathon is run in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the sports’ governing body - Scottish Athletics Limited. SAL has issued the Race Organisers with a permit to hold the race which under the Terms and Conditions stipulate that runners taking part in the Half Marathon must be over 17 years old on the day. No buggies, wheelchairs or running with pets is allowed in either of the races.

The Specsavers 1K Fun Run is set up mainly for under 12s but is open to any age group, free to enter. All finishers get a medal

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